Cheka Katenen Dioubate is really a Guinean griot whose task description includes storyteller, historian, poet, praise and musician singer.

Griots are main towards the upkeep of Mande traditions in western Africa. Serving as an income archive, they have been keepers and vocalists for the history that is oral tradition for the people, doing at marriages, funerals as well as other rites of passage. Dioubate brings to the level a voice that is powerful commanding presence, as befits the griot whom must act as intermediary between generations of her ancestors along with her residing market.

Our final stay in this incomplete concert preview is Ethiopia, as represented by the tracks of Netsanet Mellesse. This singer has an impressive recording straight back catalogue, having produced conventional Ethiopian, pop music and gospel records home. Certainly one of Ethiopia’s best krar players and composers Fantahun Shewankochew Mekonnen will come with Mellesse in the Alliance Francaise.

Vusi Mahlasela and Hugh Masekela : It is not Batuki musical Society’s just presentation that is big thirty days

On 28, in colaboration with Koerner Hall, they co-present “Vusi Mahlasela and Hugh Masekela: two decades of Freedom. february” This concert is billed as “freedom tracks honouring twenty years of democracy in Southern Africa in addition to official end of apartheid” and headlines the trumpeter, singer and composer Masekela and singer/songwriter Mahlasela.

The award-winning Mahlasela, referred to as Voice in the house nation, is celebrated for their distinct, effective sound along with his poetic words. He’s got released seven studio albums on Sony and worked with many worldwide recording movie stars. Their tracks of hope with themes of fight for freedom, but in addition forgiveness and reconciliation with enemies, influenced many within the anti-apartheid motion.

In their eighth decade, Masekela, the world-renowned multifaceted musician and defiant governmental vocals, continues to be going strong. Credited among the founders of globe fusion music, their international job started into the Southern Africa regarding the 1950s with stylist origins which tapped into jazz (ragtime, jive, swing, doo-wop, bop), musicals and pop, in addition to multiple African genres mbaqanga that is including South African music with rural Zulu origins. Their team, the Jazz Epistles, circulated the very first jazz that is african in 1959, accompanied by 40 more albums over their career. Their 1986 anti-apartheid anthem Bring Home Nelson Mandela (1986) had been a motivation and rallying cry round the global globe during the time. After years in exile, following a launch of Nelson Mandela from prison in 1990, Masekela returned to are now living in Southern Africa. It may very well be from the Koerner Hall system celebrating 20 years of Southern Africa’s democracy.

6 The Royal Conservatory’s World Music series presents Pavlo and his band at Koerner Hall february. The Toronto indigenous with two Juno Award nominations whom goes on a name that is single Pavlo might have created the definition of “Mediterranean electric electric guitar sound” for their make of music, but also for his current trip Pavlo integrates “exotic instruments,” whilst the advertising records. Their fans can get Pavlo’s signature noise with acoustic guitar that is spanish into the mix, but in addition infused with Chinese erhu, Portuguese guitarra, Arabic ney, Indian sitar and Greek bouzouki.

additionally February 6 the little World musical Centre’s nevertheless new theatre that is intimate undertaking its very very first assessment, rescheduled from just last year. The Stirring of one thousand Bells (2014) by growing filmmaker that is american Dunning can be an experimental documentary comprising two videos taking the market on a kaleidoscopic artistic and musical trip of life in Surakarta, a town in Java, Indonesia. It features footage of its centuries-old royal court gamelan music and dance culture, nevertheless vital today. a real time music concert “Imaginary Soundtrack for Ambient Worlds: Indonesia satisfies Canada” by the Andrew Timar and Bill Parsons Duo, playing Indonesian kacapi and suling, will start this program. (Yes I’m that Andrew Timar).

February 8, the Flato Markham Theatre audience will undoubtedly be in for a delicacy – a concert that showcases two generations of just one household having a proud lineage that is musical encompassing a few strands of globe music. Amjad Ali Khan, the prominent veteran maestro of this sarod (Hindustani plucked lute) is accompanied by their sarod-playing sons Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan because of this uncommon three sarod concert. Billed as “The Sarod Project,” percussionists Issa Malluf (Arabic/Middle Eastern percussion) and ace Toronto tabla player Vineet Vyas join the soloists.

Hindustani music is obviously Khan’s forte however in the first set he will show their affinity for a straight wider sweep of musical geography, which range from different elements of Asia to your center East. Their sons Amaan and Ayaan will likely then show their old-fashioned Hindustani music cred by doing a raga become established during the hallway, exemplifying the living tradition that’s been passed on from dad to son for a number of generations “Music could be the best wide range inside our household,” confirmed Amjad Ali Khan.

13 and 14 the Aga Khan Museum in partnership with the Aga Khan Music Initiative presents “Wu Man and the Sanubar Tursun Ensemble” at the AKM auditorium february. This multicultural conference regarding the Chinese pipa virtuoso Wu Man in addition to celebrated Uyghur singer Sanubar Tursun, explore ancient cultural links between Chinese and Central Asian music traditions. Wu guy, who’s got multiple Grammy Award nominations along with the 1999 City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protйgй Prize to her credit, is just a cross-cultural collaboration veteran. She’s worked extensively using the Kronos Quartet and Yo-Yo this website Ma’s Silk path venture, among a few other people. Sanubar Tursun, who may have become an iconic Uyghur social figure, employs her delicate, sensuous yet additionally athletic vocals in renditions of traditional muqam and people tracks. The soloists are combined with an ensemble of Uyghur performers.

If these concerts are any indicator, it guarantees become an abundant and musically eventful February.

Andrew Timar is a Toronto music and musician journalist. They can be contacted at

Autorickshaw Tours Southern Asia

My final column, showcasing the songs development during the Aga Khan Museum, noted the concert look of Toronto’s group that is award-winning at the AKM auditorium on November 15. We went to the show to obtain a synopsis of these repertoire that is current variety of which can be wide together with boundaries fluid.

Along with plans of Southern Indian classical and folk songs, initial tracks and figures according to tala maxims (overlapping Carnatic solkattu and Hindustani tabla bols) alternated with good-humoured ironic assumes on 1970s Bollywood hit movie tracks. “Autorickshawified” hybrid adaptations of tracks by Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen – “Bird on a Wire” rendered in a relaxed 7/4 – as well as the jazz standard “Caravan” had been among our favourites. The heart of the group, claimed front stage centre for most of the concert, the skilled band comprised of Dylan Bell (bass/keyboards/beatboxing), Ed Hanley (tabla), with Ben Riley (drum set) and John Gzowski (guitar) stepping in for the night, shone in solos while vivacious vocalist Suba Sankaran. “Caravan” had been a rollicking instance.

Well into Autorickshaw’s 2nd ten years of genre-blending musicking, summing up its repertoire, which will be frequently multi-genre and transnational in reach, isn’t an effortless undertaking; specially therefore for a persnickety listener anything like me. Autorickshaw’s site nonetheless helpfully weighs in, situating its music “on the cutting that is cultural, as modern jazz, funk and people effortlessly rub arms utilizing the traditional and popular music of Asia.”

That declaration makes such hybridization appear to be a reach that is easy. It’s anything but. Anyone who has seriously attempted it, or paid attention to fusion experiments where genres from around the world “easily rub arms,” knows exactly how effortless it really is to neglect to satisfy musical expectations – as well as for multiple reasons. And it’s also the most hard kinds of musical alchemy to effectively pull off and gracefully. Having persevered as a bunch for the dozen years Autorickshaw is evidence that diligent work with the song that is transcultural will pay down. Inside their instance it is been rewarded with two JUNO nominations for World musical Album of the season while the 2005 Independent Music that is canadian Award. In 2008 they certainly were granted the John Lennon Songwriting Competition Grand Prize in World musical, as well as the CAPACOA Touring Artist of the season.