If I was to choose which critical success factors for entrepreneur success are the most important, then they would all be on building your mind-set. If you have an online marketing system and the educational services to become a master with online marketing, then the only remaining requirement will be how you apply it all to your online business. Going forwards is about being ready to take the challenge and start to control your future.

Clearly, there are many untapped resources that other parents might provide. Talk, talk talk. Ask, ask, ask. Trial and error are the twins that will accompany you through this journey. Be patient, yet demonstrative. It is a work in progress.

In most states, you will need to go back to school to earn a teaching degree, with a specialization in nursing. This process can take any place from one year to four years, depending on the type of education you already have.

Be honest with yourself and be aware of your own limitations. You cannot be a perfect parent, nor do you have an unlimited reservoir of energy. Do not foget self care.

Once again, the only areas surviving this economic crisis are health care and Educational as they have collectively added around 52,000 jobs. And for months now these two areas have been the only bright spots.

Inserts in newspapers or magazines. Coordinate with the local newspapers and magazine in your community and make a deal with them on offering you to insert flyer inside their pages. Newspaper and magazine readers will be your main market. This also gives you proper market segmentation based on the type of consumers being targeted also by those newspapers and magazines.

Utica, New York has the best ratio of median household income to the median cost for housing making a price friendly location and by such, it could be the best location for that winter hideaway. However, Flagstaff, Arizona’s proximity to a National Forest that can provide winter time activities for all ages makes it quite alluring. I’ll keep each of them on my list as a place to own a home for the winter. After I win the lottery, I’ll decide which location wins.